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Lecture and Photo Display

MA Recipient  Susan Izatt-Foster

Make Your Life Story Read Like a Novel

by Dorothy Solomon

How to Show Emotion: Or Why Good Writing is So Freaking Hard

by Julie Daines

Putting Together a Winning Proposal for a Nonfiction Book

by Jerry Borrowman

A Child at Heart (Keynote Speech)

by Christopher Phillips

Juanita Brooks/Fawn Brodie: Who’s the Real Historian?

by Doug Alder

Character Development in Short Stories

by Danielle Dubrasky

The Importance of Writing Badly

by Brock Dethier

How to Know If You’re Ready to Submit

by Kathy Jenkins

Making History Come Alive

by Jerry Borrowman

The Process of Playwriting

by Debora Threedy

Using Myth and Fairy Tale in Poetry

by Shanan Ballam

Signs You May Want to Self-Publish

by Kathy Jenkins

Socrates Café: What’s It All About and Why Has It Gone Global?

by Christopher Phillips

Writing Enchanting Prose, Part 1

by David Farland

The Poetry of Prose: The Art of the Lyric Essay

by Cindy King

Finding Your Brand, Building Your Markets

by Zach Lust

Hey, You! Listen Up!: Writing a Personal History That Your Family Will Want to Read

by Ann Edwards Cannon

Writing Enchanting Prose, Part 2

by David Farland

Taking the Torture Out of Poetry Analysis

by Markay Brown

Aha! Moments Each Time You Turn the Page (And Turning More of Them)

by Tanya Parker Mills

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