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Poetry to Art

Where poets and artists come together


1st place:           Marilyn Ball.                  "Mandella"                          Larry Fodor Native American Warrior


2nd place:         Cindy Lish Fowler.            "Solitary Cedar"                   Mary Manning


3rd place:          Fae Ellsworth.                 "Tasting the Day"                   Harold Tanner


1st honorable:     Jay Fuller.                       "Cante Flamenco"                 Lynette Loughton


2nd honorable:   Nad Richard Brown.        "A Gathering of Crows"         Ken Church


3rd honorable:    Marissa Averez.              "House on Lily Pond Lane"       Phil Moulton


Poem Name


Marilyn Richardson

Kate Kirkham

Barbara Funkę

Sue Leth

Jay Fuller

Nad Richard Brown

Ashley Imlay

Karma Wasden

Marie Tollstrup

Lin Floyd

Marissa Averez

D. Gary Christian

Bonnie Anderson

Sue S. Leth

Fae Ellsworth

Pam Tucker

Marilyn Ball

Candy Lish Fowler

Chilly Chili

The Time of Apples

5:00 AM

Heaven's Relief

Cante Flamenco

A Gathering of Crows


Cherry Creek Nevada

Racoon Shuffle

Turquoise Memories

House on Lily Pond Lane

A House Forlorn

Bristle Pine

Longing for Home

Tasting the Day



Solitary Cedar

Caroll Louise Shreeve Riley

Bonnie Head

Caroll Louise Shreeve Riley

Ken Church

Lynette Loughton

Ken Church

Mary Manning

Rae Ann Pieper

Greg Freeman

Ronni Marshall

Phil Moulton

Kathy Heiner

Mary Manning

Jeannine Buckley

Harold Tanner

Alicia Lockwood

Larry Fodder

Mary Manning

St. George Literary Arts Festival

             Winners of 2018

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